Another push for sign-ups!

We held another table information session last week and we now have over 100 Embry-Riddle students who are interested in playing TheScavenge.

If you haven’t already entered the database … visit our site to register!

Signing-up is easy!

Scan the QR code and bingo – you are in the database and will receive important information, clues, and well ….

Sign-up today and don’t miss out! YOU could be the one to receive a $200 bookstore credit!

Won’t You Play Our Game?

Over 50 people signed-up at our first recruiting effort this week. If you haven’t heard we are holding a fund raising beta test of a new alternative reality game. Will you be able to solve the mystery?

It’s really easy to sign-up – visit and get in on the fun. We have a $200 book store credit to award.