Another push for sign-ups!

We held another table information session last week and we now have over 100 Embry-Riddle students who are interested in playing TheScavenge.

If you haven’t already entered the database … visit our site to register!

Signing-up is easy!

Scan the QR code and bingo – you are in the database and will receive important information, clues, and well ….

Sign-up today and don’t miss out! YOU could be the one to receive a $200 bookstore credit!

Won’t You Play Our Game?

Over 50 people signed-up at our first recruiting effort this week. If you haven’t heard we are holding a fund raising beta test of a new alternative reality game. Will you be able to solve the mystery?

It’s really easy to sign-up – visit and get in on the fun. We have a $200 book store credit to award.

It starts with a dream….

It really does! We’ve been digging into the entrepreneurial mindset – discovering what it takes to start with a dream and bring something to life. First off, it takes committed individuals who have the capacity to dream a bit too, create a vision, and embrace the iterative design process as we collectively give shape and form to the experience we want to create.

And, we needed to find a group of talented individuals to work with – a science fiction writer, game designers, and theater. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Stay tuned!

And so it begins

The Center for Entrepreneurship is sponsoring a new type of fundraising.

Are you tired of typical fundraising efforts? Have you ever been the person to hold the sign by the side of the road (doing some quirky thing) to get people to your car wash? How about begging your friends to buy your raffle tickets so you can get rid of your ‘quota’ fast? I bet many of you have lots of experiences to share!

We wanted to try something different. So… we wondered about how we could create an experience that would add some fun in our lives, add a bit of mystery, and earn some money? We knew that we wanted to create an immersive experience where students can come together, have some fun, and solve a campus mystery. We’re really excited about our plans. We’ll keep you posted – development is underway!