The Game

The Scavenged Story Unfolds Over the Weekend

There is an interplay between the ‘future’ trying to help the ‘present’ players prevent a horrible event. The use of a clear temporal storage box allowed for communication across timelines.

What is going on?

The evening prior to the event launch we ‘staged’ a live Hazmat scene that was visible on campus along with social media to generate buzz on campus. ERAU campus security was present ‘on the scene’ and added a layer of conspiracy to the storyline. Their partnership was central to a successful launch.

Tom McDonald

3 CEO Approaches to Creating Interest and Sign-ups

  • Club members designed posters and postcards to draw interest.
  • Held sign-up tables for students to register for the game.
  • An event launch provided the kick-off and unexpectedly was canceled.
There are messages inside the balloons – we have no idea what they mean…..

The Scavenged launched the next morning!

Five students, randomly selected, became ‘the chosen’ and received an envelope that contained vital individual clues. Students needed to collaborate to solve the first puzzle.
Once students put together the clues they were able to unlock a locker. Inside they found the locked temporal storage box that sent them on another puzzle to solve.
Temporal Storage Container