Thanks for showing up

A huge shout out for the people who stopped by for the TheScavenge last night! Really disappointed we couldn’t run the game like we planned. GOOD NEWS ….. you can still join us at to sign up if you want to play.

We heard that we may be able to run the game later this morning! Fingers crossed!

there were messages inside the balloons – we have no idea what they mean…..

Last night event cancelled

Sorry about having to cancel The Scavenge event last night. The best can can figure out is that whatever happened on Wednesday night was big. Right before the event we received this email:

Subject: CANCELLED: Embry-Riddle Scavenge


We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances, the Embry-Riddle Scavenge Event, scheduled for tonight, will have to be cancelled and rescheduled for your safety and campus security.

Please do not discuss recent events on campus and avoid any interactions with the media.

If you have any concerns or see anything else unusual, please contact our Office of Public Affairs at  IMMEDIATELY.


Winston R.G. Bryant

Campus Security Chief

NASA Liaison

Scavenge Event Happens Tonight

Join us at Willie Nelson, 102 at 5:30 for the launch of The Scavenge! We have food to share and you could win up to $200 credit at the college bookstore. It will be lots of fun!

If you haven’t signed up yet do it now! It’s easy go to —- and enter your email – its that simple!

See you tonight!

Signing-up is easy!

Scan the QR code and bingo – you are in the database and will receive important information, clues, and well ….

Sign-up today and don’t miss out! YOU could be the one to receive a $200 bookstore credit!