Gotland Game & Educators’ Summit

32 participants, from 12 universities across the globe attended the Game Educators’ Summit!

This was my second time presenting at the Educators’ Summit and I have found this opportunity to be so valuable in terms of gleaning game designers’ insights and experiences with game design and engaging in meaningful conversations about my work in integrating game-based entrepreneurial pedagogy into a higher education context.

Our first beta test of The Scavenged ran in Spring 2019 as a ‘proof of concept.’ Game play data, player forum postings, beta tester debriefing feedback, player survey, and ratings on the ARG enjoyment instrument all indicated positive results and aligned with current research on alternative reality games and game-based pedagogy.

The Scavenged: A Case Study was presented at the Educators’ Summit under the second day theme strand – ‘how we teach. ‘ Our game integrated entrepreneurial pedagogy into a good game design that supported student enactment of the 3 Cs (KEEN) of an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraged problem-solving, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills as a result of game play.