The Game is Afoot

Time Line Intercept #0917 – Can you hear us? We are broadcasting from your future. This is our ongoing attempt to contact someone at the ‘infection point.’ Is this getting through? As with all our other attempts, we have sent physical items back. We can only help you so much. We know the infection. Time is imminent. We are tracking the data bleed.

5 mysterious envelopes have been found on campus from someone called “Control,” they are fighting to save the future, from an event that occurs here, this weekend.

Four envelopes fell into the wrong hands.

The envelope information is posted below.

This information led a group of students to discover a locker, with a strange locked box, with a USB stick, amongst other things. This box is known to be the temporal storage container and must remained secured at all times.

Control used a data relic from our time to send back decoded security footage. The USB included 5 security images.

Control received a signal that the temporal storage box is empty. What will happen next? What new information will we receive? What could it all mean?

There’s still time to get involved.

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