The Game

The Scavenged Story Unfolds Over the Weekend

There is an interplay between the ‘future’ trying to help the ‘present’ players prevent a horrible event. The use of a clear temporal storage box allowed for communication across timelines.

What is going on?

The evening prior to the event launch we ‘staged’ a live Hazmat scene that was visible on campus along with social media to generate buzz on campus. ERAU campus security was present ‘on the scene’ and added a layer of conspiracy to the storyline. Their partnership was central to a successful launch.

3 CEO Approaches to Creating Interest and Sign-ups

  • Club members designed posters and postcards to draw interest.
  • Held sign-up tables for students to register for the game.
  • An event launch provided the kick-off and unexpectedly was canceled.
Campus posters to generate inserts and sign-ups!

CEO members manned the table to encourage sign-ups!
At the pre-launch event, players found out that there are messages inside the balloons – we have no idea what they mean…..

The Scavenged launched the next morning!